Types Of Aerial Mapping Drones & How Should You Choose One?

There are 3 types of surveying drones:

  1. Fixed Wing Drones
  2. Single Rotor Drones
  3. Multi-Rotor Drones

Drones with Fixed Wings

Unmanned aircraft-style drones with fixed wings are known as fixed-wing drones. These drones can’t linger over a single area because their plane-like wings are fixed, so they have to move to traverse the distance. If you need your drone to stay riveted in the air to take better images of the region you’re aiming to cover, this can be a problem. Depending on the size of the drone, it may be necessary to launch it into the air using a runway or catapult launcher. Surveyors and operators seemed to find this inconvenient. As a result, that characteristic has evolved in recent years. RPAS VTOL, a superior version of fixed-wing drones, was used by many drone mapping businesses to update the older version. These redesigned drones can be launched into the air in the same way as any other multi-rotor drone.

Drones With a Single Rotor

Single-rotor drones, which resemble a helicopter and are powered by a gas motor, are designed for long-term use. The launch of this sort of drone is comparable to that of helicopters, which require particular training for operators. These drones’ aerodynamics are excellent, with rotor blades that spin slowly but for prolonged periods of time. Operators and surveyors must have an aviation licence to operate it, as it can be dangerous if not operated carefully.

Drones With Multiple Rotors

VTOL Quadcopter UAVs are multi-rotor drones with vertical take-off and landing (VTOL). To stay in the air, these quadcopters require a lot of energy. To make these multi-rotor drones spin the propellers first, surveyors must press the control throttle. A second throttle push is required to lift the vehicle off the ground. Drones with several rotors are mostly utilised to film aerial views from the air. Multi-rotor drones, on the other hand, are less energy-efficient and can only stay in the air for 30 minutes with a light payload. As a result, it is inefficient for transporting large loads into the air.

Important Considerations When Selecting a Mapping/Surveying Drone

Now that we have established the types of mapping/surveying drones, it’s time to look at the factors before buying a surveying drone.

1. The appropriate type

It would not be difficult to choose one, as we discussed previously. Both fixed-wing and multi-rotor drones can help with mapping surveys. It depends on your budget, the size of the survey area, and your ability to operate them. To give you a heads up, a multi-rotor drone can hover in a fixed spot for a long time, whereas fixed-wing drones can cover a lot of ground in less time, so choose a drone that fits your needs. Multi-rotor drones are inexpensive and widely available, although they are not as energy efficient as fixed-wing drones, which are more expensive.

2. Quality of the camera

To take better aerial surveying shots, you’ll need not only an efficient drone, but also one with a high-quality camera that can capture clear and detailed images. As a result, you should choose a camera that can catch as many minute details on the ground as feasible. To record photogrammetry, choose cameras that can shoot 4K HD films and images with a resolution of 12 MP or greater.

3. RTK compatibility

Drones nowadays come with a built-in GPS for tracking their location. During the autonomous flight, the GPS offers flight stabilisation and tracking systems for drones. During mapping surveys, the GPS receiver geotags photographs automatically. Mapping software can produce a 3D model of the landscape using spatial data taken by the drone.


So there you have it! Here’s all you need to know about aerial mapping drones so you can buy the best one for your project. I hope the drone type comparison and considerations helped you figure out exactly what you require. If you have any queries or recommendations, please contact us. Take care until then!



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